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Diving into the world of home appliances can be daunting, especially when searching for the most reliable appliance brands. With numerous brands promising unmatched durability and performance, how do you know who to trust? In this enlightening piece, we’ll navigate the vast sea of appliance brand reliability and reveal the top five most reliable appliance brands of 2023 according to the Yale Appliance blog. Get ready to invest in quality, longevity, and peace of mind for your home.

Brand quality criteria

Every year, Yale Appliance offers a rating of the most reliable home appliance companies. The ranking is based on an extensive sales database and only 40,000 recorded calls for service or repair. Accordingly, the companies with the lowest percentage of service calls are at the top of the ranking. The lower the percentage of service calls, the more reliable the appliances are considered to be. These are the criteria that formed the basis of the following rating, which compares the results of 2023 and previous years.

List of top home appliance brands in 2023

Brand #5: Bosh

Bosch, one of the most reliable appliance brands of 2023, has continually demonstrated its commitment to quality and durability. With a commendable service rate improvement from 11.7% to 10%, Bosch is steadily climbing the ladder of appliance brand reliability. Their dishwashers, standing at an impressive reliability rate of 5.1%, are a testament to their pursuit of excellence. However, Bosch’s reliability doesn’t stop at dishwashers. Their refrigerators, stoves, wall ovens, and stovetops also remain popular choices among consumers, further solidifying Bosch as one of the best reliable appliance brands. Whether you’re outfitting a new kitchen or upgrading your home appliances, Bosch offers trustworthy options, and we offer convenient installation services.

Brand #4: Maytag

Maytag, securing its position among the most reliable appliance brands in 2023, has shown significant improvement in its service rate, dropping from 8.6% in previous years to a notable 7.4%. Despite facing challenges with their dispensers in the past, which we can fix for you, Maytag has managed to uphold its reputation as a reliable appliance brand. Particularly, their laundry appliances stand out, offering reliable and effective solutions for home needs. This commitment to improvement and resilience in the face of issues has allowed Maytag to retain its rank among the best reliable appliance brands. When considering a trustworthy brand for your home, Maytag continues to be a solid choice.

Brand #3: LG Studio

As a sub-brand of the renowned LG, LG Studio has made a name for itself among the most reliable appliance brands of 2023, boasting a service rate of 7.4%. Known for its superior build quality and advanced features, LG Studio stands out in all appliance categories, including washers, dryers, ranges, wall ovens, and refrigeration. This impressive lineup serves as a clear testament to their commitment to appliance brand reliability. By setting a high bar in the realm of home appliances, LG Studio has successfully positioned itself as one of the best reliable appliance brands. Whether you’re upgrading or simply looking for the best, LG Studio offers quality you can trust, while the Appliance Care of Atlanta team can improve your appliance durability even more.

Brand #2: GE Profile

As an upscale branch of GE, GE Profile holds a commendable position in the roster of the most reliable kitchen appliance brands. With a service rate of 6.8%, a slight increase from the previous year’s 7.1%, GE Profile maintains an impressive performance in the realm of reliable kitchen appliance brands. This branch, which includes high-end refrigerators, dishwashers, and cooking appliances, outperforms its sibling, the Café Appliances line, in terms of reliability. Although the included laundry units register a higher service rate of over 8%, GE Profile’s commendable performance in other domains confirms its status as a good appliance brand. Nevertheless, GE Profile provides outstanding dishwashers it’s important to be aware of possible dishwasher problems. When considering an upgrade to your home appliances, GE Profile offers a blend of luxury and dependability.

Brand #1: LG

Demonstrating how reliable LG appliances are, the brand has held steady with a service rate of 4.4% for two consecutive years. Despite initial skepticism due to past issues associated with their popular French door refrigerators, LG has managed to flip the narrative. Having overcome a class-action lawsuit in 2019 related to refrigerator problems, LG’s refrigerators now stand out as the most reliable refrigerator brand, according to consumer reports. LG’s comprehensive range of products, including washers, dishwashers, dryers, and ranges, all equipped with advanced features, affirm their commitment to appliance brand reliability. Much like Miele, LG’s in-house manufacturing of core components like motors and compressors sets them apart from other brands that outsource. The brand’s dishwasher achieved an impressively high-reliability rating due to a 1.7% service rate last year, which is a historical minimum, further reinforcing their position among the most reliable kitchen appliance brands.


To summarize, Bosch is a solid choice among the most reliable kitchen appliance brands, especially with its dishwashers, but could improve in other areas. Maytag has proven its place among good appliance brands, displaying significant reliability in its laundry line despite some hiccups with dispensers. LG Studio, a standout among reliable kitchen appliance brands, offers superior build quality and advanced features across its product line. GE Profile, distinguishing itself from the least reliable appliance brands, offers an upscale and dependable range of appliances. Lastly, LG has earned its reputation as the most reliable appliance manufacturer, demonstrating resilience in the face of previous challenges, particularly with its refrigerators. Each brand presents both strengths and areas for improvement, contributing to the landscape of the most reliable appliance brands 2023.

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