7 Signs That Your Electric Stove Needs Repair Work

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Stoves have been a part of kitchen appliances for quite a while. It is also one such piece of kitchen appliance that saw a decent transformation as time passed. In a modern-day scenario, one can find a variety of stoves in the market. However, when it comes to a modernized kitchen, people tend to buy an electric stove as it provides an aesthetic appeal to the kitchen. Though a great addition, it is also an appliance that, if it malfunctions, can only be fixed by professional service for stove repair in Atlanta, Alpharetta and Roswell. Knowing the signs of malfunctioning an electric stove can help you prevent any major damage. Here are some indications to keep an eye for, which will help you determine when your electric stove needs assistance.

Common signs of electric stove breakdown

When it comes to repairing your stove, sometimes it seems like it’s easier just to replace it with a new one. In the heat of the moment, you may feel like you don’t have time to figure out why your stove isn’t working properly.

Stove repairs aren’t always as simple as they seem. Sometimes you might get lucky and find some parts that you can replace yourself. Other times, however, you’re dealing with something much bigger. This means you’re going have to call in the experts, or at least have them come over and give you a professional opinion. The good news is that there are some really obvious signs that something is wrong with your stove, even if it’s not burning food, popping off the side of the stove, smoking, etc.

Here are the top signs that your stove needs repair. Some of the signs listed below may sound fairly obvious. However, other signs require a bit more investigation before you decide whether you should call for help.

Sign #1 – Burner not turning on

If your burners are not turning on, it clearly shows something wrong with your electric stove. It could be an indication of a loose connection or incompatibility. If your burner is not starting, it would be better to call in a same-day appliance service in Roswell, Alpharetta and Atlanta, etc., to have a look. They understand the appliance’s working and can provide the best possible solution to the problem at hand.

Sign #2 – Deposition of rust

Most of the parts of the stove are made with iron and steel. The deposition of rust onto the surface of the stove can severely damage the body of this piece of appliance. The deposition of rust can be an indication of some scratch or chip which needs to be fixed immediately. If not done so, it can damage the body of your electric stove.

Sign #3 – Burners not heating properly

If the burners do not produce proper heat, it can ruin your whole cooking experience. The food will take more time to be prepared and, as a result, will lead to higher utility bills. This can happen due to a faulty burner or any issue with the circuit. If you feel like your food is taking longer to be prepared, you should call in a professional service for stove repair in Atlanta, Roswell, or where you live. The technicians from these agencies will have a look and will fix the issue in no time.

Sign #4 – Blowing fuses

When your electric stove loses its fuse, this is a clear-cut indication of a faulty wiring system. Your stove probably did not get a proper surge protector installed. Check your voltage supply and make sure that your fuse box is plugged in. Fuse boxes are designed to protect sensitive devices like electric stoves.

Sign #5 – Overheating

An overheated stove could mean that there is something wrong with the heating system. The stove will not produce enough heat unless the heating elements work properly. If your stove becomes overheated, then open the door and let the air circulate inside the stove. Keep an eye on your stove while using it. If the temperature rises above 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then call an appliance repair service right away.

Sign #6 – Excessive smoke

Another sign of a broken stove is excessive smoke. When the heating elements inside the stove burn out, they emit smoke. Usually, smoke indicates a serious problem. To replace the heating elements, call an expert from Appliance Care of Atlanta.

Sign #7 – Short circuit

If your stove begins to run hot after cooking, you may notice that the temperature goes down abruptly. A short circuit occurs when electricity passes to the ground by accident instead of passing through the heating elements. Since your stove uses electrical current to create heat, a short circuit can cause the stove to overheat and shut down. If a short circuit causes your stove to shut down, try turning it on again. If the problem persists, contact your local appliance repair company.


An electric stove is considered a fancy piece of appliance and brings along various benefits. However, a broken or malfunctioning stove is of no use. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and call same-day appliance service in Roswell, Alpharetta and Atlanta, for the best possible repair. We guarantee you professional electric stove repair at an affordable price. You can also contact us for stove installation or for recommendations on proper maintenance of it.

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