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It’s critical to care for and maintain your oven, including all of its components, if you want it to last for years. We’ll go over some oven maintenance suggestions in this article to assist you in taking care of your oven.

When was the last time you used your oven? How often do you inspect the inside to see how clean it is? And how frequently do you clean it? Have you recently checked the temperature to make sure it’s working properly?

There’s a strong possibility you’ve spilled food inside your oven at some point, whether you recognize it or not. It could have splashed or bubbled over the top of your casserole dish while something heated up. Were you able to clean it up? Unlikely. When the food is done, we usually take it out of the oven, feast on our deliciousness, and then move on. Right?

This means that the next time you use your oven for baking something, those drippings and splatters will be lovely and crispy. And, most likely, add to them. Then you repeat the process the next time. Over and over again. Soon, your oven will not appear to be very clean – and cleaning it will prove to be a difficult task. Your oven, like a car, requires annual maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. Fortunately, Appliance Care of Atlanta offers exceptional Oven repair in Alpharetta.

Here are some oven maintenance tips for maintaining your appliance in good working order.

Utilize the Self-Cleaning Function of Your Oven

Most ovens have them, but few people understand how they function. Consult the handbook or get in touch with the manufacturer. After the oven has cooled down, make sure you clean it down. And, whatever you do, don’t keep the self-cleaning feature running while you’re away from home. If malfunctioning, you can always reach out to us for appliance repair in Alpharetta.

Clean your oven on a regular basis.

According to experts, you should clean your oven thoroughly at least twice a year. If you use it on a daily basis, you may want to increase your cleaning schedule to every couple of months. Allowing burned food to re-burn with each use will eventually reduce the efficiency of your oven. Not to mention that the constant odor of burnt food will eventually impact the taste of your fresh meal.

Knobs on your oven should not be removed.

These knobs are directly connected to the control system of your oven. You are placing yourself at risk of electrocution by removing them to spray cleaning on them. Don’t clean them this way, no matter how tempting it is. Keep your knobs in their original positions.

For more such tips and appliance repair in Alpharetta, reach out to us today!

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