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When it comes to owning appliances, their inevitable wear and tear can be a real headache. Nationwide statistics indicate that 52% of appliance malfunctions occur within the first five years of purchase, with 18% happening in just the first year and 33% within two years. So, what does this mean for residents of Atlanta who find themselves in need of repairs? In this article, we will delve into the average appliance repair cost, discuss the appliance repair cost per hour, cover appliance repair service call cost, and provide appliance repair cost estimates. Whether you’re curious about the cost of oven appliance repair or general maintenance costs, we’ve got you covered.

How the price for appliance repair is formed?

Understanding the appliance repair cost involves looking at several factors that contribute to the final bill. It’s not just a flat rate; the expense can vary depending on various aspects of the repair service. Here’s how the price for fixing your faulty appliance is formed.

  • Labor and expertise. The appliance repair cost per hour can vary depending on the expertise of the technician. More experienced technicians might charge a higher rate, but they also usually provide more efficient and effective service.
  • Brand of appliance. Selecting a reliable appliance brand can also play a role in your overall appliance repair cost. Trusted brands may offer better warranties and customer service, which could potentially offset some repair expenses.
  • Parts. If your appliance needs a specific part replaced, this will add to the overall cost of appliance repair. Prices for parts can differ significantly based on their availability and the brand of your appliance. For example, GE appliance repair cost might be different from repairing a Samsung or Whirlpool appliance due to part costs.
  • Complexity of the repair. Not all repairs are equally easy to perform. A simple repair will generally cost less, while complex repairs that require more time and materials will naturally drive the cost up.
  • Location. Believe it or not, your location can affect the average cost of appliance repair. Rates can differ between cities and even neighborhoods. In Atlanta, you can expect prices to align with the average cost of living in the area.

Appliance repair service call cost

When you find yourself in need of an appliance repair, the first expense you’ll likely encounter is the appliance repair service call cost. In Atlanta, this service call fee generally ranges from $70 to $130. This fee often includes not just the travel time for the technician to get to your home within a standard service area, but also the diagnostics to determine what’s wrong with your appliance and the first hour of labor.

It’s important to note that some technicians have different approaches to charging for their services. Some may offer a flat rate that covers basic repairs, effectively including the appliance repair cost per hour in the initial service call cost. Others, however, might charge a flat rate for the service call and then add additional labor costs depending on the time spent on the job. Knowing the billing structure in advance can help you get a better grasp on how much appliance repair costs and allow you to budget accordingly.

The cost of appliance repair by type in Atlanta

In Atlanta, the average appliance repair cost per repair hovers around $196, with a typical range falling between $117 and $273. Of course, these are just general figures. Specific prices can vary greatly depending on the nature of the repair and the appliance involved. In the sections that follow, we will break down the costs by type of appliance, using data provided by HomeAdvisor for a more accurate understanding of how much does appliance repair cost in Atlanta. Whether you’re dealing with a malfunctioning oven or a faulty refrigerator, having this information can help you budget more effectively.

Refrigerator repair cost

When it comes to refrigerator appliance repair costs, you can expect a range from about $40 to $350 in Atlanta. The type of repair needed plays a significant role in the final cost. For instance, the most expensive task often involves replacing or repairing the control board. On the other hand, more budget-friendly repairs could include fixing dents, sealing up doors, or repairing or replacing the thermostat. If you own a mini-fridge, the cost of appliance repair is generally lower, ranging from $40 to $250. As for the appliance repair cost per hour, refrigerator specialists typically charge between $45 and $120 for a service call. Having this information on hand can help you get a clearer idea of the average cost of appliance repair for refrigerators.

Stove repair cost

If you are in need of fixing your stove, the appliance repair cost can range between $100 and $500 in Atlanta. The final cost can fluctuate based on several factors, such as the make and model of your stove, its energy source, and the specific issue that needs to be addressed. For simpler tasks like replacing a burner coil or fixing a faulty switch, you’re looking at the lower end of the cost of appliance repair. On the other hand, more expensive tasks often involve replacing or repairing a glass stovetop or installing brand-new burners. Knowing this information can help you get a better handle on the average cost of appliance repair for stoves in your area.

Washing machine repair cost

Looking through the costs of appliance repair for washing machines in Atlanta, you can expect to spend between $50 and $450. The specific repair task influences this range quite a bit. For simpler fixes like repairing the loading door or replacing seals or bearings, youyou may expect lower end of the appliance repair cost. More complicated and costly tasks, such as replacing the clutch, pump, or transmission, will land you on the higher end. It’s worth noting that modern washing machines generally have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years, but you may start encountering repair issues after around five years of consistent use. 

Garbage disposal repair cost

In Atlanta, the cost of appliance repair for a garbage disposal can vary from $70 to $250. The price is primarily determined by the nature of the problem you’re facing. If it’s a simple jam, you can expect the low-cost appliance repair end of the spectrum, close to $70. However, for more labor-intensive issues like leaks, the repair cost could inch toward the higher end of the range. This is because technicians need first to locate the leak, which can be a time-consuming task, adding to the appliance repair cost per hour. If you’re considering replacing your garbage disposal altogether, the average cost for materials alone sits around $150.

Oven repair cost

The appliance repair cost can range from $100 to $430. Easier and less expensive repairs might involve replacing the oven door or the oven sensor, while more complex tasks like swapping out the heating element or control board are at the pricier end. It’s worth noting that the cost of oven appliance repair can vary based on the type of oven you have. For instance, fixing a gas oven is generally 10% to 20% more expensive than repairing an electric one. Additionally, in-wall oven models tend to have a higher average cost of appliance repair compared to freestanding units. Understanding these variables can help you get a better grasp of appliance repair cost estimates for ovens.

Dryer repair cost

In Atlanta, the appliance repair cost for fixing a dryer can fall anywhere between $100 and $400. On the simpler and more affordable end, you might need to replace a worn-out belt or install new bearings, which contribute to a low-cost appliance repair. However, more complex and expensive repairs could involve swapping out the motor or adding a new heating element, and these tasks will push you toward the higher end of the average cost of appliance repair for dryers. It’s worth mentioning that finding parts for newer dryers is often easier for technicians, so if you have an older model, you might experience a slight increase in appliance repair cost estimates.

How to save money on appliance repair

We all know that appliance repairs can sometimes be a drain on your wallet. The average appliance repair cost can add up quickly, especially when multiple appliances decide to break down around the same time. But what if there were ways to save on those hefty bills? Below are some tips to help you keep appliance repair cost under control, and maybe even prevent them in the first place.

  • Get multiple estimates. Always shop around and get appliance repair cost estimates from different providers. This way, you can compare and opt for the most economical choice.
  • Go for quality over cheap service. Sometimes, going for the cheapest option can end up costing you more in the long run. Ensure the repair service you choose has a good reputation to avoid future problems.
  • Regular maintenance. One of the best ways to avoid high repair costs is regular upkeep. Proper maintenance can prevent many issues that lead to expensive repairs, ultimately reducing the average cost of appliance repair.
  • Consult your warranty. If your appliance is still under warranty, you may get some or all repairs done for free. Always check your warranty terms before seeking external repair services.


In conclusion, understanding the appliance repair cost can help you make informed decisions when your household items break down. In Atlanta, the average appliance repair cost ranges widely based on the type of appliance, the complexity of the issue, and the provider you choose. With the average cost of appliance repair sitting at around $196, it’s crucial to be aware of how these costs are calculated, including appliance repair cost per hour and appliance repair service call cost.

Here at Appliance Care of Atlanta, we offer same-day service and professional diagnostics to help you get your appliances up and running as soon as possible. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you find yourself wondering how much does appliance repair cost. We’re here to help you with accurate appliance repair cost estimates and top-notch service.

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