Refrigerator Air Filters: What are they and when should you change them?

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If your refrigerator has an ice maker or water dispenser, it’s easy to understand why it needs a water filter, but you may be surprised to discover that your refrigerator likely also has an air filter. The experts at Electrolux explain everything you need to know about refrigerator air filters, an important component of many fridges!
What is a refrigerator air filter?
A refrigerator is essentially a closed box, and if something inside it begins to spoil, it doesn’t take long for odors to permeate the entire compartment. A box of baking soda can act as an air purifier, but its deodorizing action often doesn’t extend far from the box. Because of its placement in the air pathway that circulates throughout the compartment, an air filter purifies more efficiently to reduce odors and help keep food crunchy fresh. “An air filter is more effective than baking soda,” says Babcock, a Minnesota state-certified appliance repair professional. “I’ve heard that an air filter can reduce odors 8 times better than a box of baking soda. That’s probably why I’m running across more and more refrigerator models that have them.”
Does my refrigerator have a filter?
Not all refrigerators have air filters, but if yours does, it’s easy to spot. The filter is typically inside a louvered housing that may be flat or cylindrical. If the filter is a flat one, you may see the tab projecting from the housing. Newer French-door, side-by-side, and single-door refrigerator models are the most likely to have an air filter. Although you may have to consult your owner’s manual to determine which filter to use in your refrigerator, the choice isn’t a difficult one – the only important consideration is that the filter fits inside the housing built for it.