Genevieve Stevens

I called them about a noisy dryer. The appointment was scheduled very quickly (within 24 hours of my call). Russell, the technician, arrived within the scheduled window and also called 30 minutes before so I knew when to expect him. He explained clearly what was causing the problem and what the cost would be to fix it. He waited patiently while I got my husband on the phone to discuss as the repair was going to be several hundred dollars. After the repair, he showed me the cleaned product and explained (again) what he had done and why. In addition, he verified that the dryer was working properly before he left. (He had me start it and I turned it off again very quickly after verifying the noise was gone. He opened it up and checked to see if it was warm inside. It wasn’t yet, so he ran it a little longer to ensure that everything really was working correctly.) All told, a very positive experience.