Mark Ling

I have a through-the-wall cooling unit for my wine cellar. It was water damaged and the manufacturer diagnosed a damaged controller board. They shipped it to me, but it needed installation. I tried calling the HVAC companies they recommended, but none of them worked on this kind of unit anymore. I started Googling and found Appliance Care of ATL. They initially said they could work on it, but called back to say they were mistaken, and did not do this. However, fortunately, James, our service technician heard that they had initially said yes, so he came out anyway to see what he could do. It was a huge pain of a job as he had to lever the 130 lb unit out of the wall, disassemble it, install the controller, reinstall the unit in the wall. It works! Not cheap, but reasonable given the amount of time and work it took. Mostly, it’s refreshing to see a technician who doesn’t immediately look for the easy way out (“can’t do that”) and instead dug in and got the tough job done. Nice work, James! And thanks to Appliance Care for sending him.